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welcome to Minneapolis

Minneapolis area metalheads
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Hello, and welcome to mpls_metalheads!

My name is ksracxe and I will be your tour guide. There is no escape from the dank darkness of this place without me, for I am the one with the flashlight. ;)

I started this community for people in Minnesota who listen to Metal and use Live Journal. Now, I realize that the number of people like that is very slim, but we're getting there! This community is open to anyone, regardless of where they live.

However, if you're interested in joining, there are a few stipulations:

1: You MUST like Metal! And I'm not talkin this Nu-Metal Linkin Park/H.I.M horseshit. If you are into that, then close this page now unless you feel like being educated. Please don't join just to flame. I'm a cold, hard mod.

2: Concert information is acceptable, providing its in the Midwest area*. Don't post information about a concert in say, Boston, unless you're asking if anyone wants to join you for a road trip.** The obvious exceptions are concerts overseas, because we all love to know what we're missing. ;)
*"Midwest" area refers to WI, IL, MN, SD, ND (have either of those last two ever had a metal show?), IA, and for travelling purposes; Gary, Indiana.
**for our non-midwestern friends, posting of concert information won't be frowned upon. It will just make us all jealous!

3: I don't mind cross-posting, but if you have to do it, please keep it to a minimum. Thanks.

4: Norway is cool ...

Most of the concert information that I post is gathered from the mess that is the Root of All Evil's Homepage. The Root was a store in St. Paul, with a little metal store in the DARKNESS OF THEIR BASEMENT! Now, it is just a show on KFAI (90.3) FM every Sunday morning from (CDT)12am-6am.

You can listen to KFAI on the web by visiting the Root site.

Now, enough with the semantics, lets have some discussion, shall we?

I'm not a community monitoring Nazi, because I have a real job and real commitments that require me to actually disconnect from the cyber world and immerse myself in the real one. That being said, I will never ever discriminate against someone just because they are not posting. I don't even post in my own journal much anymore. Another thing, Minneapolis, even though it has a population of 250,000, is not one of those cities that is full of people who listen to metal. Even if it was, I am sure that they also have lives, and jobs, and other things to do than sit here and stare at LiveJournal. I guess what I am trying to say is this: YES anyone can join this community. YES anyone can post once they have joined. NO I will never kick someone out because they are not posting every single day.